About Me

I am an artist specialising in contemporary art using acrylics in powerful colour combinations. I have always had a great love for art and have fortunately been able to pursue my passion. I like to experiment and explore my creative visions by incorporating vibrant colours, textures and sometime imagery into my pieces. The use of vibrant colour teamed with rich textural tones ensures my work makes and instant impact. My current new collection has been inspired by having time to experiment and explore my creative visions which are often inspired by my observations and natural surroundings. All of my paintings are in the highest quality acrylics which ensures depth of colour and protection. I also love the unexpected surprises and naturalness that sometimes comes from each piece I produce. I just love the exciting vibe it brings when I deliver a piece of art which has been commissioned, the painting is specifically created for a particular area of the purchaser's home, the expression and happiness it gives the purchaser really drives me, which I find so rewarding. Popular with the art purchasing public, I have worked on consignment at a number of locations throughout South Australia. I have many paintings hanging interstate including Sydney, Perth and Melbourne and I am in constant demand for commissioned pieces.